When Nice People Say Nice Things...

Jane's input, guidance and direction have been second to none. She not only advises using her plethora of inherent knowledge and business acumen but also does something else just as important - she listens. It means that we're always aligned on decisions as we navigate the business from one challenge to another. She's massively reliable as well and there has never been a moment where I've felt like I've been in the dark about what she's doing in the background, which incidentally is a lot and not to be overlooked. I think you'd be nuts ;) not to select her as your mentor

Habil Ibrahim, Founder/Owner Cajuu Cashew Nuts

As a new entrant into the FMCG industry, I was fully aware that there was so much to learn, yet I wasn't sure where to start. So I began searching for a mentor and someone who knew her on a professional and personal level recommended Jane to me. I was told her goal would be to see me succeed rather than finding multiple ways to line her pockets (trust me as a newbie this was important information).

Fast forward to the end of our first block of mentoring sessions and I can honestly say that Jane has exceeded my expectations. I came to her worried that I didn't know what I was doing and probably wasn't the best person to launch my product. In response, she provided several tools to help me with my first concern including a valuable contact list I'd been trying to source and somehow managed to get me to completely discard the latter concern. Beyond her brilliant professional attributes, I like Jane as a person. She is down to earth and relatable. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend her to anyone looking to enter or grown within the FMGC industry.

Oh and did I mention that she's been a buyer, seller and consultant to retailers, which makes her insights invaluable? Well there you have it. Get in touch with her and you'll be glad you did.

Chinelo, Founder/Owner Chinelo's Alcohol Infused Caramel

It was a huge decision for me when choosing my mentor for my project as this has been ongoing for so long. I had had meetings with a few other candidates then had to make a decision. From following Jane on Twitter, I was immediately attracted to her warmth & sense of humour & of course more importantly, her knowledge for the industry I am investing in. This is ongoing at the moment but Jane is helping immensely in getting my product retail ready by guiding me through all the nitty gritty I wouldn't have even known about which will in essence, save a lot of time & eliminate any possible setbacks in the future. I have already had amazing progress in such a short space of time & the added bonus is that Jane will work around you, quietly working in the background, so your usual daily routine is not disrupted. Jane has also made me feel extremely confident about my goal but her honesty & guidance is now proving invaluable in reaching this the best way possible without pussy footing around which I have experienced from mentors in the past ... she's a star

Karen Riley, Founder/Owner Crave

Jane is a true expert. She is giving me lots of great advice that has opened up so many doors of success for me. She has supported me from starting up my chocolate business and now she is helping me grow and scale up. The main thing that sets Jane apart from others is her passion for my product. She treats my product as her own and has given it the same enthusiasm and thought throughout. I cannot recommend her enough!

Wajeeha Husain, Founder/Director Chocolateeha

Jane has a wonderful range of experience to call upon which is pure gold for anyone looking to build or grow their food business. She has a terrific understanding of what retail is looking for and really speaks their language. She also has a true passion for great product, and embraces the challenges of getting it out there. Jane possesses commercial nous and creative ambition, a rare combination, long may she reign!

Elizabeth Draper, Founder/Director Elizabeth D Bakes

Jane has and continues to be a fantastic resource for my business. She's given me great advice on a huge range of issues, from sales to distribution and process to promotion. If there's something she doesn't personally know, she always seem to know the right person to ask, or place to go. And she's lovely to work with as well!

James Read, Founder/Owner, Kim Kong Kimchi

I worked with Jane at Safeway, where she played a key part of our team and our paths have crossed a number of times in the years since. Jane is a fantastic energy and ideas source that stimulates and inspires others in a team to get behind initiatives. She is very customer focused and delivers more than promised within very challenging timescales. She ALWAYS delivers and thinks round problems and opportunities from all Stakeholders perspectives, making the project / brand more likely to exceed targets. A real asset to any business.

Jane Clarke, NPD Manager at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

A mind full of brilliant ideas inside a person with the tenacity to get things done.

David Darby, Commercial Manager at Retail Print Solutions Ltd

Jane is a great asset; acutely customer focused team oriented, and very very knowledgeable. And she is personable, affable and fun. She over delivered on her commitments consistently. I recommend Jane highly.

Jules Cooper, Jules Cooper Coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Jane on a number of projects whilst at Manor (Premier Foods) and I found her to be highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, skilled at dealing with customers at all levels and she always delivered high quality work on time and on budget. I am happy to recommend her as a great asset to any team.

Amanda Hobbs, Business & CIM Lecturer at Brooklands College

Jane worked for me when I was Director of Customer Strategy at Manor bakeries. Jane is a committed and creative manager who worked on complex problems and challenges and who always delivered. With a rare balance of attention to detail and creativity, Jane was a real asset to the business and I would work with her again in the blink of an eye.

Will Shaw, Associate Director at Levercliff Associates

It was a pleasure to work with Jane she is open minded, creative and deadline oriented. Definitely worth recommending.

Michael Murphy, Chief Executive at WD Irwin's

Jane's enthusiasm, attention to detail and willingness to challenge accepted wisdom and practise in her pursuit of marketing excellence made her an asset to the business.

Dominic Shaw, Commercial Director at Garrett Ingredients

Jane has worked with me at Moorish since 2014 and has been nothing short of a super star. No job is too big or too small for Jane. She knows the food industry and retail world extremely well, she is also pleasant to work with, tenacious, good humoured and hard working. My business has benefited enormously from having Jane on-board and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else who needs a super star on their team.

Julie Waddell, Founder Moorish Humous and Dips